Children’s exhibition: Unlocking The World – A Sensory Atelier

Exhibition at the Attenborough Arts Centre 27 – 28 May 2017 


Hannah Pillai who is the learning Assistant for the Attenborough Arts Centre tells us more about the exhibition: 

We were delighted to include the beautiful  art work created by children and young   people from Ellesmere College and Ashmount School in our exhibition Seeing Blue.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Attenborough Arts centre and in response to the Night in the museum Ryan Gander curates the arts council collection the centre had the pleasure of hosting a children’s art exhibition Seeing Blue which formed part of a weekend of activities for the Spark Arts Festival 2017.

Seeing Blue celebrates the talent of children and young people who regularly use the centre. Curated by the AAC Young Ambassadors, the exhibition showcased performances, photographs, video, drawing and creative responses inspired by the Night in the Museum: Ryan Gander Curates the Arts Council collection, focusing particularly on the theme of Blue. The exhibition aims to give the same platform to children and young people as the masters of modern art that they are responding to with their work.

The children and young people from Ellesmere college and Ashmount school created the work during their visit to the centre to see the Night In The Museum exhibition. Inspired by what they saw they created large collaborative artworks. Starting with creating sculptures with their bodies they then drew around themselves creating large silhouettes which they decorated using a variety of materials, exploring different mark making and collage techniques. It was lovely to see the work professionally installed and for the young people to have the chance to exhibit their work in a real art gallery.

Taking centre stage at the exhibition the artworks had lots of lovely comments from visitors:


“I really love the scale they make such an impact”

“Beautiful patterns I love the layers, so imaginative”

“It’s nice to see large scale work!”




I was a real pleasure for me to see the process the young people went through, from gallery visit, to workshop to the final exhibition for the public to see.

Making the work 

Children from Ellesmere college and Ashmount school creating the artwork during their visit to the Attenborough Centre. For more images click here 

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