Residency: Sian Watson-Taylor at Ashmount School

Between April and May 2021, Sian Watson Taylor delivered an 18 day residency with 3 classes at Ashmount School. The residency was facilitated by Sian spending the majority of sessions onsite, yet delivering to the class via zoom. Class risk assessments meant that we could not guarantee young
people would socially distance form Sian. Sian delivered 6 days of activity to each class, developing bespoke ‘stages’ for each young person, an oil cloth mat featuring their name and class name, as a space that they could curate their own artworks and creativity within. Sessions included exploring
materials such as rolls of paper, paint sticks, fabric, light, and photos of themselves from previous sessions. All sessions began with a story which related to the exploration.

“I thought I’d make a sign that says, Hooray for Creativity!”

Participant quotes recorded during sessions


Although Sian was delivering over zoom/teams, she still had lots of interaction with around a third of each class regularly coming to the camera to show Sian their work, or to communicate in other ways. Sian’s approach of quietly undertaking the same activity as the young people during the session gave space for the young people to set the pace of their own explorations, and to see other approaches that could be explored. All activity embedded arts award evidencing, supporting teachers in giving their students ample opportunity to complete Discover/Explore levels
and achieving 30 at Explore level. As Sian was on site, she was able to brief teachers before sessions and reflect with them after sessions.

“I’m in a magical world”

Participant quotes recorded during sessions

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