Artists’ Bios

Sian Watson Taylor

“Motivation, Curiosity, Creativity, Imagination, Identity”.

Sian specialises in running visual art and theatre workshops that help find ways of broadening the learning experiences of children and young people; working towards using imaginative re-thinking to gain a deeper understanding of how children learn from the spaces around them. Her work includes drawing, sculpture, installations, working with performance, literacy, scriptwriting, puppet making, costume and theatre props. These are just a few ways in which she helps children, young people and adults to open the door and allow imagination & creativity to come to life.

Working with Nottingham Contemporary, New Arts Exchange , Lakeside Arts Centre, Stan’s Cafe, Creative Partnerships, The British Art Show 6 & 7, Museums & Galleries across the country plus many schools  & community groups, Sian tries to foster curiosity, imagination, investigation, and collaboration.

Turned On Its Head

Turned On Its Head is a dance company based in the East Midlands. We create high quality creative movement and dance opportunities for young children and their families in community and theatre settings. We understand what is needed to stimulate and nurture imagination and to develop a sense of curiosity for children in the world around them. Coupled with this is our ability to engage parents & carers in the process of play and discovery alongside their babies and young children.

Our work is fresh and inventive with storytelling and authentic participation at its heart.  We aim to match playful and engaging accessibility with great choreography resulting in work that is refreshingly exuberant and joyfully uplifting.


Bamboozle Theatre Company

Bamboozle Theatre Company was founded in 1994 by Christopher Davies and Sue Pyecroft, since then we have been delivering magical, memorable, multi sensory experiences for children and young people with moderate to profound learning difficulties as well as those with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We have built a strong reputation for the quality and integrity of our work. The impact can be transformational; from helping an individual child with extremely challenging behaviour to stay in a room, work with others and contribute their own ideas to supporting whole families to connect and play together to effecting the attitudes and practice at a whole school level. 



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