Teachers JPD: exploring intelligent materials

Partner Teachers of the SENsory Atelier Programme have finished a 6 month Joint Professional Development programme with Sightlines Initiative, Britain’s reference organisation for Reggio Emelia pedagogy. In the final session, teachers presented on sessions that they had faciliated with their young people in their education settings. They explored intelligent materials and how children can learnContinue reading “Teachers JPD: exploring intelligent materials”

Teachers JPD: Doing Diversity Differently training with Open Theatre

To launch our first SENsory Atelier Teacher’s Joint Professional Development (JPD), staff from Attenborough Arts Centre joined teachers from Ashmount School, Ellesmere College and Oaklands School to attend a day of theatre training that showed us new ways of facilitating diverse theatre. At the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton, Open Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Richard HayhowContinue reading “Teachers JPD: Doing Diversity Differently training with Open Theatre”

Guest Post Helen Duff

“Be more playful!” “Let yourself go!” “Stop trying to get it right!” We are standing in a circle. 12 of the team who keep this fantastic organisation working day to day, from front of house to marketing, logistics to learning, and me. Well, some of us are standing. Others are jogging around the edge, gigglingContinue reading “Guest Post Helen Duff”

Guest Post: Helen Duff

Laughing at Art – a series of workshops and reflections. Last week I had the privilege of running a series of workshops with the Attenborough Arts Centre Learning Team as their first associate artist for family inclusion. As hoped, it was a learning experience for everyone involved, and there are many frames through which IContinue reading “Guest Post: Helen Duff”

Guest Post: Helen Duff

I’m on my way to deliver a series of workshops for the Attenborough Arts Centre as their first family inclusion associate artist. I’m energised by the training I’ve done as part of Jo Grace’s Ambitious and Inclusive Sensory Storytelling workshop and excited by the chance to make artist Aaron Williamson’s retrospective at the AAC evenContinue reading “Guest Post: Helen Duff”

Guest Post: Helen Duff

“In thinking about the feeling of mindfulness we recognise a stillness or a steadiness to the being. Someone whose attention is on the present – but that attention is jumping around – does not feel this stillness. In providing a sensory object that entrances we give someone the opportunity to both be in the momentContinue reading “Guest Post: Helen Duff”

Sensory Atelier Symposium

Join us as we present the outcomes of our collaborative kinaesthetic and multi-sensory artist residencies that support children’s connections with the world through art. The symposium will present the findings of the two year Test and Explore Paul Hamlyn Funded research project, Unlocking the World Through Art: A Sensory Atelier. Attenborough Arts Centre partnered withContinue reading “Sensory Atelier Symposium”

Children’s exhibition: Unlocking The World – A Sensory Atelier

Exhibition at the Attenborough Arts Centre 27 – 28 May 2017  Hannah Pillai who is the learning Assistant for the Attenborough Arts Centre tells us more about the exhibition:  We were delighted to include the beautiful  art work created by children and young   people from Ellesmere College and Ashmount School in our exhibition SeeingContinue reading “Children’s exhibition: Unlocking The World – A Sensory Atelier”

Next Artist in Residence Appointed

We are thrilled to announce the next Artist in Residence Sian Watson Taylor has been appointed to deliver residences across both schools.  Students from both schools came together to be part of the selection process and were unanimous in selecting Sian to be thier chosen Artist in Residence. One student said: “That was Awesome” SianContinue reading “Next Artist in Residence Appointed”