Artist in Residence

We have two great Artist in Residency opportunities coming up. Through a programme of creative inventions and workshops, the artist in residence will support and develop Ashmount School and Ellesmere College as active cultural spaces to explore, learn and play. The job pack can be found here:arist-in-resdidence-send-job-pack Please read the job pack and then sendContinue reading “Artist in Residence”

Guest Post 3: Liz Clark “Dancing with Acorns”

I danced everyday with a class of eight children from Acorns class from Ellesmere College in Leicester and their teaching team. Everyday we went into a studio room, a beautiful blank canvas, with nothing in it except us, a couple of cameras, some post it notes and music. All eight children from Acorns class areContinue reading “Guest Post 3: Liz Clark “Dancing with Acorns””

Guest Post 2: Liz Clark “Why I do my job”

Amis doesn’t want to join in. He circles the room, sprinting as fast as he can whenever anyone comes close or offers and invitation to join in. This is day three of a five day project with children at Ashmount Special School part of a Paul Hamlyn Foundation funded project called Unlocking the World by Attenborough Arts Centre. Amis is onContinue reading “Guest Post 2: Liz Clark “Why I do my job””

Guest Post : Liz Clark

  Atelier is the French word for “workshop” or “studio” where artists and students can work together producing pieces art.  In the Reggio approach to education the atelier studio is equipped with a variety of open ended materials that gives children a change to explore, experiment, express themselves, make mistakes, follow through an idea, plan andContinue reading “Guest Post : Liz Clark”

Project Lift-Off!

It’s set to be an exciting couple of weeks with lots of stretching, rolling, feeling, swinging and exploring as this week marks the start of the project’s first school residency! Liz Clark, a dance artist from the company Turned On Its Head, will be working with pupils from Ashmount School for the next fortnight. HerContinue reading “Project Lift-Off!”