Nurture Network

Nurture Network is Attenborough’s Sensory Artists Network, an online space for artists to have discussions around participatary art, inclusive delivery and other important topics around SEND and netrodivergant particiaptionary work.

Nurutre Network hosts a bi-monthly online meeting that increases our network of artists interested in work sharing our ethos in SEND settings, and to offer development opportunities to artists and provide a safe space for artists to share, connect with one another and develop their own practices.
Drawing on the core learning team at Attenborough’s experiences of freelance working, CPD events, and online meetings, we developed a simple structure for the sessions. The session begins with a calm mindfulness exercise; a guest speaker shares a ‘warts and all’ view of their approaches, successes and failures; an open space breakout allows artists to discuss burning issues with personal action setting focus; and lastly, space to network and share work is included. We keep the agenda to a strict 90 minute call to prevent ‘zoom fatigue’ and have now set up a Padlet to park topics of discussion to continue outside of sessions, although this is in its infancy and another channel may prove more effective as this develops.

Nurture Artists

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