The power of choice

Residency: Sian Watson-Taylor at The Beacon By Sian Watson-Taylor The Beacon is a CAMHS Inpatient Unit at Leicester Children’s Hospital School providing care for young people aged 12 – 18 years. Young people are admitted either in a state of crisis, or when their circumstances and presentation becomes complex and an assessment is needed. IContinue reading “The power of choice”

Residency: InfuseDANCE at Ellesmere

By Esther Anderson – Co Artistic Director infuseDANCE Freedom to explore, freedom to express to yourself, freedom to respond to new things in a carefree and genuine way are human experiences that we hope will be readily accessible in our children’s lives and educational settings. But these opportunities are sadly becoming less and less frequentContinue reading “Residency: InfuseDANCE at Ellesmere”