Liz Clark: Turned On its Head

In October 2016 Liz Clark from Turned on its head did a two week dance residency at Ellesmere College and Ahsmount school as part of the Paul Hamlyn funded Unlocking the World project, coordinated by the Attenborough Arts Centre.  Exploring sensory learning and integrating vestibular input on auditory processing for children with SEND (Vestibular Input “coordinates movements of the eyes, head and body” which affects our body’s balance, muscle tone, visual-spatial perception, auditory-language perception and emotional security).


 Liz Clark from Turned On Its Head – 2 Week Residency at Ellesmere College.

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Liz Clark’s residency at Ashmount School

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About the Company

Turned On Its Head is a dance company based in the East Midlands. We create high quality creative movement and dance opportunities for young children and their families in community and theatre settings. We understand what is needed to stimulate and nurture imagination and to develop a sense of curiosity for children in the world around them. Coupled with this is our ability to engage parents & carers in the process of play and discovery alongside their babies and young children.

Our work is fresh and inventive with storytelling and authentic participation at its heart.  We aim to match playful and engaging accessibility with great choreography resulting in work that is refreshingly exuberant and joyfully uplifting.
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